Yesports, a leading web3 esports gaming platform, is delighted to announce a special staking event for holders of the Pepe Meme token. This 14-day event provides Pepe token holders with the opportunity to stake and earn YESP rewards.

Starting November 3rd, Pepe holders can stake their tokens and gain a share of 140,000 YESP, which will be distributed over three days. As part of the special promotion, Pepe holders can also participate in Yesports’ popular NFT prize game, allowing gamers and collectors to explore web3 games and providing exciting new ways to win exclusive NFTs.

Building strong communities is a core focus for both traditional gaming and web3 enterprises. Given the rapid pace of blockchain technology development and its ability to support fast-growing, enthusiastic communities, Yesports aims to further expand its platform products and activate the utility of Pepe Meme token holders through this timely new event.

Meme tokens are used to maintain community and audience engagement through shared values, often represented and translated by humorous designs and themes. To date, there have been few meaningful examples of meme token utility in the industry.

Most notably, it can be traced back to 2014 when Dogecoin holders sponsored NASCAR driver Josh Wise. For Yesports, this special event reflects the sentiment of its web3 gaming community and its extended industry partners sharing the same vision and values.

Sebastian Quinn, CEO of Yesports, stated:

“We believe that providing this staking event for Pepe token holders is not only fun but necessary, and some might even say inevitable. In a limited time, Pepe token holders can earn rewards while supporting the Yesports ecosystem, and Yesports can strengthen its fervent community of gamers, esports organizations, fans, and collectors.

Yesports is disrupting the traditional gaming world and democratizing the industry, with a mission to provide a complete, user-friendly experience and bridge the gap between gaming, fans, and web3. Yesports brings entertainment and access closer to users and leads in creating a more inclusive gaming world with new technology. Backed by leading venture capital, built with world-class technology, Yesports is focused on delivering the most valuable digital products to gamers around the world.”